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Why Try to Learn on the Driving Range When the Game is Played on the Course?

At Ryder Golf School, we offer the ideal environment to improve your game and lower your handicap on our two beautiful Golf Resorts provide Teaching Facility dedicated solely to golf instruction where learning is conducted in actual playing conditions and situations. During your Ryder golf lessons, you'll hit real shots from real tees, fairways, rough bunkers, over and around water, to real greens and how you will use our facilities to improve every part of your game from tee to green.
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Learning Right From the Start.

Over four Thousand Students from all walks of life and nationalities joined acclaimed Ryder Golf School to play better golf. Why? Because our 5 and 3 –day golf school include personalized golf lessons in small group under the watchful eyes of our experienced teaching professionals. Course materials include a take–home golf instruction manual, Own CD Training Video complete with personalized key instruction points for continued improvement.

Regardless of Your Skill Level, Our Professionals Make You Feel at Home

Our experienced Teaching Professionals have exceptional skills and attributes. They understand and care about your desire to improve and work within the swing and natural abilities you already have. Each individual student has a different golf swing. But, there are basic fundamentals that every golfer must master in order for his or her swing to perform at its best. They include proper setup and alignment. Your professional will show you these golf tips as well as concentrate on your most important swing problems and shots, as you perceive them.

Class Composition

Students are grouped by their handicap and/or playing ability. The curriculum is matched to the ability of the class and to the needs of each individual student in a non-intimidating environment that allows you to learn faster and retain more. The 5-to-1 student-to-professional ratio together with a trainer assistant assures that every lesson, every shot is presented in a memorable and meaningful way.

Your instruction will include putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers and traps, irons, woods, rules and etiquette, playing lessons and course management and video swing analysis on our training resorts. Together with its beautiful chalets designed with well furnished rooms perched at the top of the hill overlooking the golf course offering absolutely panoramic view, provides not only excellent training sites and golfing facilities but with exceptional lodging, meals and service. You will certainly enjoy the relaxed ambience and hospitality while learning golf at the same time
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Golf Instruction Manual And Personalized Practice Plan

Our golf instruction manual was designed using sound basic fundamentals with illustrations from putting through full swing. The format allows you to record individual notes and golf tips relating to your own swing thoughts. The manual serves as your personal practice and development plan for continued improvement upon your return home. A personalized instructional video CD is also included.

When swing and shot problems occur, you will have to look no further than your instruction manual for the solution. Or, contact your professional by phone or
email. Most importantly, the manual is a record of learned skills that will serve as the starting point of instruction upon future attendance at Ryder Golf School
Pre-Shot Routine Alignment Training

Every golfer, including tour professionals, is concerned about one primary thing before starting his or her swing -”Am I aimed properly at my intended target?”

Many of the swing problems that we see at our school are caused by the lack of three basic things: proper set up, proper alignment, and proper ball position.

Unfortunately, they are often the least talked about and the most misunderstood among golfers. Without a solid understanding of their function and how they relate to the golf swing, it’s nearly impossible to raise the level of your game.

Setting up to a target that goes from directly in front of you to beside you at address causes an optical illusion. An illusion that is difficult to overcome. The pre-shot routine alignment training will help you overcome this illusion and ingrain a pre-shot routine to memory so you can properly execute any shot. It should become a permanent reference aid for your practice sessions after returning home.

The Inside Path To Better Golf

Based on observation of thousands of students, estimated that 85 percent of the golfers in the world slice the ball that resulted the lost of distance because of the out-to-in path swing. You will learn from Ryder Golf School this ideal inside path of your clubhead through impact to produce that extra 15 yards distance from the Tee.


You will learn and improve the mechanics and techniques needed to accurately read and gage the speed of different greens. You will learn the secrets of making those 3 and 4-foot putts with both your eyes closed that can really make the difference between a good and a great day.


Chipping areas range in distance from just off the green to about 15 yards. Refining your chipping technique can minimize 3 putt greens. Want to be a better putter? Learn how to chip closer to the hole.
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Pitch shots vary in distance from 10 to 50 yards. These shots vary in difficulty from easy little pitches with room to run the ball back to the hole to those very tricky flop shots over a bunker to a tight pin. When you add in the variety of hitting from fairways, rough, off of and over mounds, water and bunkers, you'll quickly realize that you will be prepared for any situation.
Irons & Fairway Woods
The short to mid length areas offer you the ability to improve the quality of your 50 to 150 yard shots. These shots vary from fairway to rough to uphill, downhill and side hill lies. We want you to feel comfortable in any situation.

Tee Shot and Long Irons

Getting off to a good start on any hole leads to more fun and lower scores. As the old saying goes, "the woods are filled with long hitters." What most people don't understand is that the driver and long iron swing is the same as the wedge and 7 iron swing, it's just with a longer and less lofted club. At Ryder Golf School, we'll work to make sure that your swing works through your complete set of clubs.
Swing Analysis Studio

Whoever coined the phase, "the camera doesn't lie," must have been getting a video swing analysis at Ryder Golf School. Whether your swing problems start with your setup, during takeaway or the downswing our Video Coaching System, the same one that is used by many of the leading LPGA and PGA tournament players, will help to identify the flaws that can result in higher scores and inconsistency. After your session in the studio, it will become crystal clear what you need to work on.
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